Blanc Sablon

What to KNOW

The lively community of Blanc-Sablon serves as the gateway to the eastern end of Lower North Shore. Ferries from Quebec and Newfoundland bearing passengers and cargo dock at the Blanc-Sablon wharf, alongside longliners and trawlers. The Quebec Lower North Shore borders Labrador at its eastern end in Blanc-Sablon.

The mouth of the Blanc-Sablon River is home to an extraordinary concentration of archaeological sites, dating from the arrival of humans to the Lower North Shore some 9,000 years ago up until the 16th century. These finds represent the earliest archaeological contact sites between Aboriginal Peoples and Europeans in all of Canada. Known to early European explorers, Blanc-Sablon was named white sands in archaic French for the kilometre-long stretch of sandy beach along its shore. Historically, Blanc-Sablon was a major fishing port. In the 1500s, fishermen from Brittany, Normandy, Portugal, Spain and the Basque countries fished seasonally from Blanc-Sablon. In the late 18th century, the Jersey firm De Quetteville opened a branch in Blanc-Sablon and maintained the headquarters of its seasonal cod fishing operations in the area for nearly a century.

Permanent settlement began in the 19th century with the arrival of French-Canadians, Acadians, and Jersey Islanders. This mostly French community became anglicized after the British company Job Brothers took over the De Quetteville fishery and brought fishermen over from Newfoundland.

What to SEE

Visitor Information Center

Stop by the Visitor Information Center and there you will be greeted by bilingual staff who will provide you with information & guides on Blanc Sablon & the Lower North Shore region, providing maps & details on trails, educational exhibits, artifacts, displays & local places of interest.

Île au Bois

Hire a local boat owner to visit Île au Bois on your way to Greenly Island. Located about 3 kilometres (2 miles) south of Blanc-Sablon, Île au Bois was the site of early 18th century French fishing installations. It was also an important cod and seal-fishing station until the early 20th century. Vestiges of fishing “rooms” or installations are visible on the island, including circular stone formations for piling cod undercover for night.

Blanc-Sablon Beach

Extending across much of the community’s shoreline, this beautiful beach is a great location for whale watching. From here, you can see Isle aux Bois, a historic Jersey fishing station. You can also watch the arrival of fishing vessels and ships at the nearby federal wharf. In June, you may spot a “capelin roll” on the beach. These iridescent silver fish swim toward land and spawn in the sand, rolling in with the waves.

Labrador Straits

The neighbouring Labrador Straits offer many other attractions. If crossing the border, remember that there is a time change between the two provinces.

Model of the Bremen monoplane

At the Visitor Information Centre, you will find a replica of the Bremen, a German Junkers monoplane. The Bremen did a crash-landing on Greenly island in 1928 during the world’s first east-to-west transatlantic flight.

Archaeology exhibit

A small archaeology exhibit in the Visitor Information Centre displays ancient artifacts and interprets the prehistory of the region.

Parc Goodchild

A no fee, non-serviced campground for all to enjoy on Goodchild road in Blanc-Sablon. Come and enjoy breathtaking sunsets and a lovely waterfall nearby. Only a five-minute drive from the ferry terminal and a five-minute walk to the beach.



Hiking and walking, bird and whale watching, iceberg viewing, boat tours, sea kayaking, berry-picking, salmon fishing, wilderness camping, ATV

  • Mont Parent Hiking Trail: Located on Mont Parent hill between the communities of Lourdes-de-Blanc-Sablon and Blanc-Sablon, this hiking trail was built to protect the Fernald's Milk-vetch, a rare plant that is a member of the pea family. A series of interpretation panels provide information on the geology, botany, and history of the area. Mont Parent hilltop also provides a wonderful view of neighbouring communities, nearby islands, and Newfoundland.


Snowmobiling, ice fishing, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, winter carnival, hockey tournaments


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